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  • 17 minutes ago
    Crown Collision Center
    ★☆☆☆☆7 reviews

    I took my car to repaint a small area in the front. The paint work was fine, the customer service was fine. I drove straight home and then I notice that there are two new scratches at the rear bumper. Since the paint work was done on the front, I just focused to look at the front. It's irony th...

  • about 3 hours ago
    Kristin Brigger, MD
    ★★★★★193 reviews

    Dr. Brigger was amazing! She was super personable and made the whole appointment quick and enjoyable!

  • about 4 hours ago
    Columbus City Schools
    ★☆☆☆☆3 reviews

    This school district, every school in it, is an absolute nightmare. Unfortunately I have no choice in schooling for my daughter. I can't afford to send her to a private school. I can't homeschool as I work full-time as a single parent. So a low class public school gets to scar my daughter, and fa...

  • about 5 hours ago - Franklin
    ★★★★★12 reviews

    Had my first class at ILKB in Franklin, WI last week! Absolutely loved it. Instructors are so great, friendly, and encouraging. Facility is open and very clean. Great place to work out and meet new people to work on your goals together!

  • about 9 hours ago
    Perfect Memorials
    ★★★★★563 reviews

    Great. Fast delivery and exactly what I wanted. My only suggestion, and I might have missed the option on the website, would be getting a proof to approve. If I was getting something larger and more costly than the small plate I ordered for my sculpture, I might have gone to another site to ...

  • about 9 hours ago
    Renner Inspection Services, PLLC
    ★★★★★4 reviews

    The inspection was excellent and very thorough. Explained every item and did a spectacular job. I would highly recommend!

  • about 9 hours ago
    On Target Home Inspection
    ★★★★★7 reviews

    Joe was excellent and made sure I knew and understood everything about the property, performed a quality and thorough inspection as well as information on how to maintain the property. Joe encouraged me to call anytime if I have a question and provided excellent customer service.

  • about 9 hours ago
    Heatwave Air Conditioning and Heating
    ★★★★★13 reviews

    Very professional and very fair pricing. Outstanding service. I highly recommend Heatwave Air Conditioning and Heating!

  • about 9 hours ago
    McCoy Maintenance
    ★★★★★18 reviews

    McCoy Maintenance is a great company to work with. Very professional and communicative, which, I believe, other janitorial companies area lack. I recommend this company to any business looking for a top-of-the-line cleaning company!

  • about 9 hours ago
    Ocean Breezes Home Inspections
    ★★★★★6 reviews

    Very responsive to calls and quick turn around getting the inspection done and report to us! Thorough inspection with clear markings and photos on detailed report. Very pleased!

  • about 9 hours ago
    Lofman Andrew M MD
    ★★★★★26 reviews

    I have been always a skeptic and a true believer that a person should appreciate the body that has been given to them, but I have to say your work and passion for each patient has changed my view of breast augmentation and plastic surgery. Thank you, Dr. Lofman!

  • about 9 hours ago
    In-House Inspections
    ★★★★★12 reviews

    Gus provided us with a second follow up inspection. We wanted to make sure all the items he saw on the initial home inspection were properly repaired. Gus found a few deficiencies and they were finally repaired. We really appreciated his thoroughness.

  • about 9 hours ago
    Redwood Dental Group
    ★★★★★36 reviews

    I hate to admit it but I was a nervous wreck worried about this dental appointment. I am so very grateful to Melissa , the dental assistant,for helping me calm down . She has the perfect personality for her job . She offered much comfort with her calming demeanor and continuous conversation ; whi...

  • about 9 hours ago
    Redwood Dental
    ★★★★★50 reviews

    Very comfortable , very conscious of eliminating any pain or discomfort, a very efficient procedure. Excellent work. The best I could hope for. Thank you.

  • about 9 hours ago
    Redwood Dental
    ★★★★★41 reviews

    Redwood Dental, is a high tech dental office with old fashion congeniality. Dr.Jack is a cut above the rest ! I've appreciated everyone for a long time,and will for long in the future.

  • about 9 hours ago
    Redwood Dental
    ★★★★★29 reviews

    Valerie and Dr Hane always do an excellent job. They're both thorough and efficient. They also make suggestions that I otherwise wouldn't consider.

  • about 9 hours ago
    Redwood Dental
    ★★★★★30 reviews

    First time and everyone was very nice and friendly. They seem to be really thorough and explain everything they do. I think I might have found my new dentist. Only had a cleaning this visit, but soon I will experience some work on my teeth.

  • about 9 hours ago
    HK Inspections
    ★★★★★15 reviews

    Jeff came highly recommended and did not disappoint! We will look to him again for home inspections in the future. Thank you!

  • about 9 hours ago
    Chiropractic Business Academy
    ★★★★★70 reviews

    This was my first training. It gave me the tools needed to begin to not only grow our business but also help me grow as a marketer in the chiropractic field. I am excited to implement all the tools from this course and help my office become the office that people go to and want to go to for their...

  • about 9 hours ago
    Chattanooga Home Inspector
    ★★★★★45 reviews

    Jeff was fantastic. He is clearly an expert and he was extremely thorough in his report, lots of great pictures and explanations were included. Even though he knows 100x times more than me, he explained everything very clearly and concisely which was great for someone who doesn't have a strong kn...