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  • about 7 years ago
    Tonys Auto Repair
    ★★★★★121 reviews

    Before opening my new motel I wanted to get a master lock for all the doors and main gate. I called them to install a master lock for each door. They did a great job and gave me a good price. Having a master lock has saved me so much time because I’m now able to use a single key to open any of ...

  • about 7 years ago
    Premier Fitness Service
    ★★★★★2 reviews

    Premier Fitness Service supplied us all the gym equipments we want. They are easy to deal with and highly professional. We got our equipments at low price then market. Thanks Premier Fitness Service.

  • about 7 years ago
    Overseas Garage & Towing
    ★★★★★81 reviews

    The recharge car battery services of they were very impressive. I used their recharge car battery services late one night and they had somebody out to see me in only 30 minutes. The price was very reasonable. If you need to recharge car battery give them a call.

  • about 7 years ago
    Phoenix Locksmith & Re key Service |(480) 269-0867
    ★★★★★55 reviews

    I think that they're great. The guy who answered was very and quoted me the exact price that the locksmith charged me. The locksmith opened my car door easily without causing any damage.

  • about 7 years ago
    Air Duct Cleaning Long Beach
    ★★★★★12 reviews

    Test their offers too so you can see that they are truly reliable in any professional air duct cleaning service. Some of their most respected and excellent offers are comprised of residential duct cleaning, air care duct cleaning, and heating and ventilating cleaning services. You’ll always get a...

  • about 7 years ago
    Locksmith Long Beach
    ★★★★★3 reviews

    I’ve never had my carpets cleaned; I’m just afraid that I’ll get poor carpet cleaning and pay more money than I should. So all this time I’ve cleaned them by myself with just the household detergents that I know. One of my friends told me that it was doing more harm to my carpet than cleaning it....

  • about 7 years ago
    Village Dental Center Bldg
    ★★★★★26 reviews

    I had an appointment with Village Dental and was called back immediately. Village Dental took really good care of my pain and Danny was the best, he explained everything really well. And if you don't understand, he'll show you the X-ray and explain further. Danny - you're the best. Keep up the go...

  • about 7 years ago
    Philip Chiou, MD
    ★☆☆☆☆4 reviews

    please save you time and money , dr was mean and did not seem to care about me, also staff treated me poorly, i went there for 7 months and it just got worse, please save you time money and headachs go see a different doctor or pa

  • about 7 years ago
    Alternative Body Maintenance Massage Therapy
    ★★★★★11 reviews

    I had one of the greatest massages of my life. Cathy was professional, courteous, and intuitive. Her pressure was spot on and you could tell from her technique that she really understood how the human body worked. I highly recommend going to Alternative Body Maintenance Massage Therapy and bookin...

  • about 7 years ago
    ★★★★★7 reviews

    Customers also find the company personnel and dealers pleasant to work with. Compared to other services where people complain about having to deal with aggressive sales reps who want to get them signed on quickly, customers have a much better experience with ADT.

  • about 7 years ago
    Clean Pros Long Beach
    ★★★★★7 reviews

    We look forward to `cleaning day` because we return from work and everything is shiny and fresh. We have total confidence in the service offered and the security meaures taken.