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  • almost 7 years ago
    Samson G. Vimalananda, MD
    ★☆☆☆☆2 reviews

    Dr. V went on a month's vacation with no coverage. I admit I accidentally missed my last appointment with him which happened to be his last day before his vacation. I called his office the day of the missed appointment and received a return phone call the following day. I only had a weeks wort...

  • about 7 years ago
    Clearly Dental
    ★★★★★18 reviews

    I really like Dr. Allen and the staff there! They really take the time to talk to you and get to know you as a person which is nice. Very personable staff.

  • about 7 years ago
    Home Instead Senior Care Bel Air, MD
    ★★★★★7 reviews

    We love that our father can stay at our home and receive fantastic care while we're not there. It's great for the peace of mind.

  • about 7 years ago
    Calvert's Walk
    ★☆☆☆☆12 reviews

    If you dont live on top floor you are doom to rooming shaking noise of people above you. I have lived in apts my whole life and have never lived in a place where people walking around in apt above you literally jolts the apt and shakes your TV stand. Its awful. I have been here 4 months and I can...

  • about 7 years ago
    Classy Nails
    ★★★★★5 reviews

    Excellent service. The nail salon has new owner. They have remodeled the place and it looks really great. The owner name is Jenny, she is really nice and sweet. I went in there and had manicure and pedicure done, great prices also. They were very nice and friendly, I would definitely recommend.

  • about 7 years ago
    Leigh E. Matlaga, MD
    ★★★★★4 reviews

    Absolutely an outstanding doctor! Smart, sharp, insightful, empathetic. My husband's work almost moved us to Texas last year- I informed him I would be flying back every six months to continue with Dr. Matlaga as my GYN. She cares about her patients and is receptive to different treatment ide...

  • about 7 years ago
    Cheveux Studio
    ★★☆☆☆25 reviews

    Salon owner has a lot to learn about professionalism. Have seen her dressed extremely innapropropriate for an owner of the salon (let alone a stylist) and she has no problem eating food "on scene" in front of clients. She is rude towards customers and have seen her be very rude to her employees ...

  • about 7 years ago
    Bel Air Family Dentistry
    ★★★★★11 reviews

    I am happy coming here. They are always doing a great job taking care of me and doing what need to happen to make sure that my appointment starts on time. I couldn't be more pleased.

  • about 7 years ago
    Leyko Orthodontics
    ★★★★★9 reviews

    I love it here. They are good with their patients. They are very personable and make sure everything is perfect. They take their time to talk to you and address any questions or concerns.

  • about 7 years ago
    Jon J. Bellantoni, MD
    ★★★★★7 reviews

    Very nice office and stuff. Dr. Bellantoni is great,he is very experienced professional and he makes you feel good even if it is not good news. They will answer any question you might have. Would definitely recommend this office to everybody.

  • over 7 years ago
    J Sanza LLC
    ★☆☆☆☆6 reviews

    I'm not sure how anyone can give this company a five star rating. I have found so many things wrong from the little stuff to the big stuff that I cannot imagine to list them all. I needed a bathtub installed, some wall work, ceiling work, and basic plumbing. The only thing that was done right was...

  • over 7 years ago
    Country Britches
    ★★★★★14 reviews

    I'm not from the area but I was visiting my sister and she took me to this wonderful store. I found so many things for my grand-kids they are going to think it is Christmas. The store was clean and well organized and the staff was very helpful. I wish we had a place like this in my neighbor...

  • over 7 years ago
    Olivia's Shop
    ★★★☆☆1 review

    I have mixed reveiws about this is very clean organized and boutique like, but the prices were sky high! I can see coach shoes being priced high but not Old navy Jeans! They need to get their pricing right....I also saw a top I bought at Macy's for $18.99 they had for $16.99 and it was ...

  • over 7 years ago
    Bows & Britches Consignment
    ★★★☆☆6 reviews

    Great stock...a little too crowded but some nice brands! It is located around Main St so it is nice to walk to if you live in the area. I thought the staff was friendly! I bought lots of gymboree and a Halloween costume...will go back!

  • over 7 years ago
    Back To The Racks
    ★☆☆☆☆4 reviews

    I felt uncomfortable even shopping there! The person who waited on me obviously did not like her job...was cold and rude..Wont go back!

  • over 7 years ago
    Bearly Used
    ★★★★★6 reviews

    Really friendly staff...great shop in town! Go there often!! Prices fair and selection is great! Will go again!