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  • almost 11 years ago
    Alcan Bar & Cafe
    ★★★☆☆2 reviews

    The Alcan Bar and Cafe in Frenchtown is an OK place. The food is not outstanding. The service is OK. It is an interesting place to go and people watch. The also have a live band on some weekends.

  • almost 11 years ago
    Jim M. Mclean, PT
    ★★★☆☆1 review

    Frenchtown Physical Therapy is a pretty good place. They have a knowledgeable staff. Their hours are flexible and their location is convenient. I would recommend them.

  • almost 11 years ago
    Coffee Cup Restaurant
    ★★★☆☆1 review

    Eugene's Cafe or the Coffee Cup as it used to be known, is a great addition to the small town of Frenchtown. They have great breakfasts. The selection is good and the staff is friendly.

  • about 11 years ago
    King Ranch Restaurant
    ★★★★☆1 review

    We ate at the King Ranch this summer after golfing. The food was really good and the view is so awesome. Didn't do too good golfing but it still was a great day!