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Carpet Rug Cleaners - Grand Prairie, TX

★★★★★ 79 Reviews

AC Vent Cleaning, Air Duct Cleaning & Sanitizing in Grand Prairie TX

  • 6967 Regatta Drive, Grand Prairie, TX
  • 866-337-1004

"Always the best of all, thank you so much, so affordable carpet cleaning making the bets of you guys, never going to forget you guys the best of ..."

★★★★★ 74 Reviews

Residential Air Duct Cleaning & Cleaning Air Vents

  • 1054 North Carrier Parkway, Grand Prairie, TX
  • 866-535-8157

"Awesome Service. I am very particular about the furnishings and rugs since they are silk. Mario walked me through the process and so I agreed. They were able ..."

★★★★★ 71 Reviews

Carpet Floor Cleaning & Re-stretching in Grand Prairie TX

  • 3200 S Camino Lagos, Grand Prairie, TX
  • 866-337-1004

"I am very satisfied with the cleaning of my carpet and sofa and will use this company again."

★★★★★ 68 Reviews

Professional Coil System Cleaning in Grand Prairie TX

  • 3865 South Carrier Parkway, Grand Prairie, TX
  • 832-947-1780

"I am a very satisfied customer, no haggling, on time, two crew men and good prices, thanks."

★★★★★ 68 Reviews

Ceramic Tile Cleaning and Sealing in Grand Prairie TX

  • 2985 S State Highway 360, Grand Prairie, TX
  • 832-947-1780

"I am not from Houston so it was difficult to make a choice on who to use. My decision was made because of the specials offered. Not only ..."

★★★★★ 65 Reviews

Air Vents & Duct Cleaning Services in Grand Prairie TX

  • 701 E Palace Pkwy, Grand Prairie, TX
  • 866-295-1984

"i am a clean freak! but even i need help when it comes to my carpet and tile. so i called the zebra company and they did a ..."

★★★★★ 64 Reviews

Tile Floor Polishing & Cleaning in Grand Prairie TX

  • 215 North Carrier Parkway, Grand Prairie, TX
  • 866-295-1984

"Highly motivated and committed to provide best possible cleaning. They worked very hard on every single spot and stain till it completely came out."

★★★★★ 63 Reviews

Furniture Cleaning Company in Grand Prairie, TX

  • 701 East Main Street, Grand Prairie, TX
  • 214-256-5734

"Impressed with you guys yall are the best company that has ever stepped in my house."

★★★★★ 33 Reviews

Grand Prairie Carpet Cleaning

  • 507 South Carrier Parkway, Grand Prairie, TX
  • 469-278-5719

"Love your company. You guys always do an amazing job on my carpets and tile. Wanted to do a little review to recommend you to anyone looking over ..."

★★★★★ 29 Reviews

Grand Prairie Air Duct Cleaning

  • 3200 South Camino Lagos, Grand Prairie, TX
  • 469-278-5097

"Lovely people, the dispatchers are very friendly, I had to move my appointment time three times because of issues at the time of closing on my house and ..."