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What Insiders are Saying about Blockbuster

Blockbuster in East Wareham, MA


By Lori S.

The staff is so friendly at this store. They made me feel very welcomed and helped me with the selections I was looking for. It is a very clean store with a good selection of titles. I had a late fee from the previous year and thought that Blockbuster didn't have late fees, I explained this to the rep Steve and he informed the Manager Mary about this and she worked with me to take off the fees and explained the policy.That they do have late fees.and didn't participate in that program. They were very nice about it. I will continue to use this store for my movie selections.

Blockbuster in Mansfield, AR


By Laurie R.

This Blockbuster is only a few months new. They are really clean and have lots of movies in stock. They even have games the kids can play while you look around.

Blockbuster in Pasadena, CA


By Jodi Audine T.

I kow you can find Blockbuster videos everywhere in Houston, but not every location has the service and friendliness that this location does. They always have the movie I want and are always eager to help me find an old classic that I haven't seen in a while. The prices are great and my membership offers me great deals and never worry about late fees anymore. This is the best video place.

Blockbuster in Las Vegas, NM


By Heather W.

This blockbuster is always clean and organized. The staff always helps me find what im looking for without bieng too pushy to sell me something. The manager is also extremley friendly and helpful if there is a problem that needs to be fixed.

Blockbuster in Corona, CA


By Vishaal A.

I love the movie pass that you can purchase for a month for unlimited rentals. I get these a lot and often rent movie after movie and after a short time, it pays for itself.

Blockbuster in New York, NY


By Pat n.

Considering it's smaller size compared to some of the bigger ones in the city, this one has a good selection. They have older films and some more popular indie films. Their pre-viewed DVDs selection is great too. The employees are helpful and friendly - though sometimes they have a temper, when you go late at night.

Blockbuster in College Park, MD


By Mohamed A.

This is a nice blockbuster store with nice and friendly staff and nice selection, the only problem is it is hard to catch any of the new releases as they ran out so fast.