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What Insiders are Saying about Bloomingdale's

Bloomingdale's in Chicago, IL


By V P.

Bloomingdale is a store that looks so good. It is a upscale store and it has high prices too. It is surely not for people like me who do most of their shopping in sears, kohls and JC Penny during sale time. But when you are in Michigan Ave... it is worth a look to see a nice store. They have parking but have to shell out $10 -$15 for that.

Bloomingdale's in Sherman Oaks, CA


By Valerie T.

I recently bought a beautiful dress and a friendy woman helped me. She looked for the exact size I needed and went out of her way to make sure I was satisfied.

Bloomingdale's in King Of Prussia, PA


By Gerard G.

Ms Teresa Sinkowitsch in mens store on 11/12/09 was such a joy. Half off shoes was not her biggest sale of the day, but I was treated with such respect. Size 13 "lawnship" most comfortable shoe I have ever tried on. The match in back was 12. I was heartbroken. Came back 7 hours later and Teresa found 13's online and said they could be shipped 75 miles away to my home. What GREAT Customer Service! Thank you! I look forward to my next visit. Jerry Gentile

Bloomingdale's in Palo Alto, CA


By Tammy J.

This store was not for us it really didn't have much that we like it is far to go and the people there were not nice to us . it is a big store and sure others would like it.

Bloomingdale's in McLean, VA


By Tiffany Y.

From 2008: I have become a fan of Bloomingdale's recently. They have a great selection of clothes and accessories and have had some really fantastic sales. During my last trip to this particular location, I felt that the salespeople could have performed a little better (e.g., friendliness, being around the cash register when you need to check out), but during my previous trip, the salespeople were helpful to me. Update from 2011: During one recent visit, I had difficulty finding a cash register with a salesperson present. I finally found one, but she left an ink tag on one of my items. I had to return at a later date to have the ink tag removed. That cashier was speaking to another cashier but interrupted their mingling to assist me so I wouldn't have to wait, which I appreciate. Since then, I have bought some more items and been very happy with their quality.