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What Insiders are Saying about Burger King

Burger King in Las Vegas, NV


By richard j.

we go to burger king becasue they have a good menu and low prices and a plus if you have kids they have a kids play area for them to play in so you can go and enjoy your food and talk.plus they always get your order right that s a plus.

Burger King in Aston, PA


By virginia f.

This is a really nice burger king. They have added alot of deserts that they didn't have before. They make a good whopper and good fish sandwitch. Better for your health than they used toi be. Can get a salad and skip the fries. Good tasting for that picky eater. PROS: good tasting for that picky eater. CONS: switched from salad dressing on their whopper to mayonaise.