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What Insiders are Saying about Century 21

Century 21 in Marietta, GA


By Hina B.

We used this company to close on our house and my brother's house. Our agent was really nice, and made it to all of our meetings, and gave us good advice. It was really helpful as being a first time homeowner and not really knowing what all steps you need to take to buy your house, and what you need to do once you have bought the house.

Century 21 in Chicago, IL


By nancy d.

Like another reviewer mentioned, parking in this area is usually not a problem. We have worked with two realtors from this location, and both were patient, honest and not pushy or overbearing. The office staff, in addition to the agents, seem to be hardworking and genuninely interested in helping homebuyers and homeowners. PROS: convenient location, honest agents CONS: none that we experienced

Century 21 in Mesquite, TX


By Jane H.

Marilla was recommended to me in 1996 as an excellent agent. I met her and was impressed by her knowledge, friendliness and profesionalism and thus gave her the listing on the sale of our house. We took her recommendations and she made in an all-out effort to get our house advertised and toured immediately. It sold in a matter of weeks and that was at a time when we were recovering from an upside market. We got a better result than we expected and then even after we moved away she took the time to help out with advice on a couple of other issues. We have bought and sold many homes and she was by far the best. Great job!

Century 21 in Las Vegas, NV


By Mary M.

Last year my mother in law bought a condo and used Dollie, when We bought our house she suggested we use her too. Dollie took a lot of time and energy to show us houses and take numerous calls from us. PROS: She made the buying process fun. CONS: None

Century 21 in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA


By Tracey S.

I had the pleasure to work with Ms. Gill Rodgers (Century 21 Superstars in RSM, CA) when selling my old home & purchasing my new home! She has vast knowledge of the Foothill Ranch area as well as surrounding neighborhoods and really knows her stuff. We sold our home for $11K over asking price and bought our present home for $5K under asking price ... The whole process was easy with Gill walking us through every step! I would easily recommend her to anyone buying or selling a home!

Century 21 in New York, NY


By Dar W.

Century 21 is one of my favorite places to shop! I first started going there because I was looking for cheap but really good sheets, and that can be really hard to find ā?? but not at Century 21. Once I started buying my bedding there I never went anywhere else again. Sometimes I can score some really top of the line, designed, high thread count sheet sets for less than 45 bucks each, and in another store it would be twice that much. But I also like to check out the menā??s department while Iā??m there to score some items for my boyfriend and my nephew, because they have some really great deals on designer jeans, belts and shirts. On the other hand I can get lost in the shoe department, which is actually a separate store, chock full of leading designed shoes at a great price break.

Century 21 in Lafayette Hill, PA


By Ralph J.

We met Neal in 2008 when we were trying to buy a house outside of Conshohocken. He was not the listing agent for the house, so after he showed it to us, we took him on as our agent. First, Neal bent over backwards trying to make a deal with the owners, who proved to be intransigent. (Added to this, the whole thing was contingent on our selling our house in the city, so he was already in a difficult position - our bad!). So that did not work out, and of course he made no money at the time, but continued to come up with similar properties that might be of interest to us. Admittedly, he had some self-interest, but this is what he does for a living, so we didn't mind. Besides, he was smart, insightful, fun and, as it turned out, he was also a very hard worker, a tenacious advocate and he was extremely knowledgeable about real estate practices, inspections, legal matters - pretty much anything you might want in a realtor. We didn't sell our house at that time. Fast forward 2 years to summer 2010: with the market plummeting, we somehow managed to sell our row house in the city, and we were in the market for a house in the near suburbs, with 6 weeks to find it. We did not hesitate to contact Neal. Our decision was rewarded many times over. We did a lot of research on our own (Trulia, Realtor.com etc), but Neal would meet us after work 2 or 3 times a week, and sometimes both weekend days with our itinerary of 3 to 5 houses all planned out. We'd roam around Jenkintown, Elkins Park, Rydal, Abington for hours, taking as much time as we liked, Neal ever upbeat, never saying no to suggestions, meeting times, long days. He probably spent his eventual commission on gas alone. We made one offer that didn't work out (several evenings of work for Neal there, we were not happy with the selling realtor, and Neal made sure he knew it), another offer we decided against at the last minute (owners did not disclose that the house was in the flood plain... Neal gave that realtor an earful too!) Finally we found our house in Elkins Park. The realtors for the seller were fine, but the owner was somewhat difficult. At one point she totally backed out based on a disagreement over inspection. Neal smoothed that over too. In the end, Neal walked us through the inspection, paperwork, financing, and closing, late nights, phone calls by the hundreds probably. In short, all I can say is you cannot do better in your choice of real estate agent. He knows everything, works like a dog, is unflappable (unless you want him to flap), charming, businesslike, and extremely tolerant of his client's idiosyncrasies.

Century 21 in El Cajon, CA


By annette w.

Century 21 is, on the whole, a good real estate company. This particular location is very professional and has a great staff from which to draw. I have worked with 2 of them and a 3rd for a very short time and all were great. They were well trained and great to work with. PROS: professional, location is good CONS:

Century 21 in San Rafael, CA


By Molly B.

I'm sure it's hard for this theater to compete with some of the bigger theaters in the area. It's cute and shows movies that you aren't going to find everywhere. They have good popcorn too. Parking can be a bit hard in the area, but if you give yourself enough time you're sure to find a decent spot. Plus the location puts it near alot of good restaurants!

Century 21 in Seattle, WA


By Fionna D.

Century 21 is perhaps the best realtor in the Northgate part of Seattle.They are good all over don't get me wrong, its just they excel at the Greenlake, Roosevelt and surrounding homes. Everyone is great there.

Century 21 in King George, VA


By Caren H.

I have had several bad experiences with realtors where I used to live. It was a pleasant surprise to find a realtor who cared about our needs and was not trying to push us into a house just to get a commission. Our realtor genuinely cared about what we were looking for in a house and only showed us those houses that we wanted to see or that she felt met our standards. PROS: Great experience CONS: None