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What Insiders are Saying about Comerica Bank

Comerica Bank in Dallas, TX


By Jill H.

Comerica Bank is a excellent bank for personal checking, savings or money market accounts. The staff is extremely friendly, I never have to wait in line, they are very efficient and I have never had a problem banking there. They have several locations throughout Dallas.

Comerica Bank in Houston, TX


By Michael B.

Terrible bank. I opened this account because my paychecks are drawn here. Took 40 minutes to open account because their printers wouldn't work. Snotty rude gay banker. In addition, they were doing some repairs inside, so most of the time, an electric drill was running. After opening the account, they called me at work to tell me Chexsystems reported that I had many "inquiry checks" and that I would need to resolve those or they would close the account! They also put a "hold on my account" until I got the problem resolved. I ended up closing the account.