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What Insiders are Saying about Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel in Chestnut Hill, MA


By Jessica S.

This is the best Crate and Barrel to shop at if you have a car. It is located in the Atruim Mall and there's a GIGANTIC parking lot...these things are rare in Boston. I had ordered a bookcase on the internet that was defective and the store exchanged parts for me without a hassle. Very helpful and considerate. A good place to register if you're getting married. PROS: Helpful, great parking CONS: none

Crate & Barrel in Broomfield, CO


By Sarah S.

This is another great place to find wedding gifts for people. Their prices are great weather you're looking for a nice serving dish or designer quality sheet sets. They've almost always got a sale going on too which makes the prices even better. This is a good location, with a nice clean, store and helpful staff. Go at your own risk though -- you're going to want to take home a lot of stuff.

Crate & Barrel in San Diego, CA


By Lori M.

The Crate and Barrel store consists of rows and rows of quality products with the newest most sought after colors and designs. When you first walk in the store, the bright summer colors may be a little overwhelming, but if you desire the more classic looks just venture off to the back of the store. Fun gadgets, sturdy dinner where, glasses displayed so that you can easily make a choice and friendly customer service representatives make your shopping experience enjoyable and efficient. Parking is a little difficult because of the location, which is a very busy mall, but there are many other stores to look at while you are there to make the parking search worth your while.

Crate & Barrel in Corte Madera, CA


By Lirio D.

Well i have experience, i am a person prepared that made multitask, i was working in different stores; Chico's, Sundance,and i have experience in work with the costumers too,and i have good presentation, and i like feel good to the costumers.and have good reference.

Crate & Barrel in Seattle, WA


By Laura H.

my friend was moving into a new apt and used a gift certificate i had given them for crate & barrell to buy some necessities for the new apt. they have amazing deals on items for your kitchen, dining room, living room, bed room, bath room, pretty much any room! they have great items to decorate with as well. i especially recommend going when they have sales, they are hard to beat.