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What Insiders are Saying about Cumberland Farms

Cumberland Farms in Whitman, MA


By Joe M.

I will pay extra for friendly customer service and kind greetings as I enter and leave any store. The Cumby's in Whitman has very good gasoline prices as well as reasonable prices for anything else you would need in the store. Fast and friendly!! This sort of customer respect seems to be disappearing. But not at Whitman Cumby's. I live a mile away and an Abington, MA resident since 1978. Most of the point-of-sale employees there are great...that is, upon leaving the store you have in mind..."Sure, I'd come back here again". In other words...a great taste remaining with you as you leave. Of particular mention is a gentleman named Peter. He is the absolute kindest and gracious person I ever recall doing over-the-counter business with, in any store anywhere, in the 55 years I've been around. Peter deserves five-stars all the way....I wish there were more like him out there in America's marketplaces! Thank you for your time...and for having Peter as an exemplary ambassador to Cumberland Farms....which I prefer to visit anywhere else in the United States.

Cumberland Farms in Wharton, NJ


By stan U.

I would go out of my way for their milk and other dairy products.The sauerkraut they sold also come to mind as it was the best anywhere probably because it was packaged with baking soda so it was not limp.To bad the one in Wharton on Rt.# 15North in Wharton has no store.They just sell gas and automotive items. There used to be a good one off Rt#10East around Randolph, and that is the last time I could get their merchandise.I hope they will open one close to me as Jefferson Twp. is a young and growing town that no doubt would welcome their franchise.

Cumberland Farms in Boyertown, PA


By James B.

The best kept secret about "cumby" is their deluxe line of ice creams. Can't say which is my fav cause there might be a run on it (lol), but they are superb flavors with zero air. Pricey but worth every penny.