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What Insiders are Saying about Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen in Marietta, GA


By Rashonda J.

I love their ice cream! It is so rich and creamy.

Dairy Queen in Lake Station, IN


By Pamela L.

My family & I are addicted to Boston Shakes!! This is a neat little small town ice cream place, tiny with nice teenagers working there. They have a really cute little area to sit and eat . PROS: It's all good! CONS: How can ice cream have any cons??

Dairy Queen in Henderson, NV


By Michael T.

Mr. Misty is my absolute favorite drink from Dairy Queen. Every time I come here, the people are friendly and if you have your dogs with you at the drive thru they give your dogs free treats.

Dairy Queen in Anaheim, CA


By Maria B.

Clean place, fast service, friendly personnel, beautiful cakes. Definately a place to visit. I would recommend it to anybody interested in ice cream cakes.

Dairy Queen in Emerson, AR


By Lorraine M.

I've been a proud customer of DQ since the 1960's, and this place has managed to preserve all things good about Dairy Queen. First and foremost, the ownership makes it a point to keep prices as low as possible. Putting customers first is what keeps customers coming back. Everything on the menu is great, but for us, there's nothing like soft serve vanilla with hot fudge, whipped cream and a cherry on top. The best DQ in the state if not the nation!!

Dairy Queen in El Cajon, CA


By annette w.

This DQ has actually closed. It was a Dairy King for a while but that has also gone by the wayside. Dairy queens are generally good. Prices within the normal range. Menu selection good. PROS: menu items, ice cream CONS: not enough of them

Dairy Queen in Reston, VA


By john w.

Nice, you have PRADE bag?? You get that off the streets or do you not know how to spell Prada properly? If you were trying to show how rich you were, you shouldn't be complaining about a dollar item. Dairy Queen, Burger King, etc.... are privately owned franchises... They do not have to participate. And note, you went into an ICE cream store during the winter and you were suprised you were the only one in there? I'm sure they don't want your sassy, one dollar-spending, uneducated ass there either.