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In 1961 Del Taco opened its doors in Yermo, California and on its first day sold nearly 900 tacos. Find Del Taco locations near you.

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What Insiders are Saying about Del Taco

Del Taco in Oak Lawn, IL


By William M.

Dell taco is a nice little fast food place in the area. They have pretty good burgers and fries. The prices are really reasonable, but the service is a little slow.

Del Taco in Henderson, AR


By Peggy E.

Great place for fast food. Good food, fast service. I always use the drive thru and each and every time my order has been prompt and quickly delivered. Portions are not skimpy, food is tasty.

Del Taco in Campbell, AL


By Carrie H.

Del Taco seems to primarily be a SoCal establishment, but thank gawd there's one in the San Jose area. The only item I can whole-heartedly back is the bean and cheese burrito with red sauce. Specifying the sauce is sauce. That little burrito will make your fastfood heart sing!