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Hotel Indigo is a new approach designed to meet the needs of the style conscious traveler looking for a unique, boutique hotel. Find Hotel Indigo locations near you or for your next trip.

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What Insiders are Saying about Hotel Indigo

Hotel Indigo in Atlanta, GA


By Thomas P.

This is a quaint Little hotel. It's slightly off the beaten path but it's worth the effort. The just does an excellent job of making sure your stay is a memorable one.

Hotel Indigo in Vernon Hills, IL


By Craig B.

Hotel Indigo is beautiful as you pull up at night. The front there is a water fountain that is indigo colored very pretty. The rooms are elegant and the staff was great.

Hotel Indigo in Basking Ridge, NJ


By Meghna S.

Hotel Indigo is a new place that opened up right by my house. I went to a meeting there, it ws simply gorgeous. Everything was so elegant and the staff seemed so nice too.