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Hotel Indigo is a new approach designed to meet the needs of the style conscious traveler looking for a unique, boutique hotel. Find Hotel Indigo locations near you or for your next trip.

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What Insiders are Saying about Hotel Indigo

Hotel Indigo in Atlanta, GA


By Thomas P.

This is a quaint Little hotel. It's slightly off the beaten path but it's worth the effort. The just does an excellent job of making sure your stay is a memorable one.

Hotel Indigo in Vernon Hills, IL


By Craig B.

Hotel Indigo is beautiful as you pull up at night. The front there is a water fountain that is indigo colored very pretty. The rooms are elegant and the staff was great.

Hotel Indigo in Dallas, GA


By Amy S.

We had an event here for our nonprofit organization and they were amazing! Very helpful and polite. They followed up with us after the event, as well. I would definitely recommend them for any event.

Hotel Indigo in Basking Ridge, NJ


By Meghna S.

Hotel Indigo is a new place that opened up right by my house. I went to a meeting there, it ws simply gorgeous. Everything was so elegant and the staff seemed so nice too.

Hotel Indigo in Del Mar, CA


By Marcie B.

The staff at this hotel are great, very helpful and friendly. The hotel is walking distance to the beach, great in summer when parking is a real problem. You can also walk to downtown Del Mar and it is also convenient to the track.