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What Insiders are Saying about Howard Johnson

Howard Johnson in Las Vegas, NM


By Sherena B.

Howard Johnson Inn provides some of the best room for the cheapies such as myself. The rooms are spacious, furniture is up to par, and the staff is generous and caring. Reasonable rates. This is the best place to go if you are in desperate need of a room and a short notice. PROS: Spacious rooms for good prices CONS: A little run down.

Howard Johnson in Reseda, CA


By Michelle K.

The room at the Howard Johnson was nice, but the parking lot and surroundings were kind of scary. Make sure you are inside before night! We booked the room without knowing the area so we could see my brother's football game at Northridge. Probably not going back to this one.

Howard Johnson in Little Falls, NJ


By L C.

I spent the night here at the Howard Johnson on a job interview and did not have any complaints about the hotel. The front desk staff was nice and helpful during my time there. However, the location is not the greatest. PROS: nice front desk staff CONS: location

Howard Johnson in Newark, AR


By Daniel M.

Worst hotel we've ever booked thru Travelocity: smelly, in need of serious repairs. Overall, standard of cleanliness falls far too short to bear Howard Johnson name. Recalls the low standard of cleanliness I've experienced in travels thru developing countries. We killed three crickets in our room! Spiderwebs in corners, dust everywhere. Mildewed shower curtain, showerhead sprayed everywhere but on one's body, warped ceiling tiles above, rusted white metal braces securing tiles. Bath tiles with mold and mildew - nasty overall. Our tub did not drain, but was repaired upon request, but they never repaired showerhead. Very kind cleaning staff, but they do very poor-to-mediocre job. Also, the kind, elderly cleaning man has bad habit of knocking while entering guests rooms, when he decides to knock. He did it several times with us -- totally unacceptable hotel employee protocol. And they should shut down their exercise room. Every antiquated piece of equipment in the scary, dungeon-like room is in drastic disrepair -- they should be ashamed of themselves for allowing guest to enter the unsafe room - simply terrible! And hotel is not well secured; very unsafe because all doors are ALWAYS unlocked and accessible to anyone. Overall, not a great deal for the money -- simply not maintained well enough, and should not bear the Howard Johnson name; worst one I've ever stayed in. Please do yourself, your family, a favor and stay elsewhere. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

Howard Johnson in San Diego, CA


By Cecchetia N.

It's an okay place. I was visiting family in Diego and being that i would be going in and out of my hotel room...who cares what room i had. It was clean, inexpensive. It's Cali, I'm sure you wont be staying in the room the whole day. It was a nice stay for the most part. the only thing i would complain about is the darn key they gave me! i went to the lobby to activate it one too many times. there's a jack in the box like across the street. the trolley which takes you everywhere is within walking distance. ...and like Ronald says powerful AC, lol no kidding that room would get so cold in no time. It's not just off I-5, its like ON it. good deal all in all