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What Insiders are Saying about IHOP

IHOP in Lansing, IL


By Linda b.

on 7/30/09 i went to this ihop and waited 25 min for breakfast, and i got my meal it was cool and i ask why, she said that she was waiting on the cheeseburger that my sister order, i was upset ,she ask to warm it up i said no thanks, because i didnot want them to do anything to my food, they looked like they didnot wanted me to complant about notthing, so i ask to see a manger and no came, please do somthing about this i never had this problem befor at ihop. thank you,      Linda Bradford     i purchase the new pancake

IHOP in Arlington, TX


By Clarence D.

Ihop is a great place to work, you get to meet new people everyday and at any time of the night. i also enjoy the food myself