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What Insiders are Saying about Jackson Hewitt Tax Service

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service in Conyers, GA


By Colleen Q.

This was the first year that my family used the service of Jackson Hewitt. It is a good place to have your income taxes prepared. They will make sure you get the best advice for your personal needs. We got our refund just as fast as we had at other tax preparers. Our consultant was attentive to our needs and easy to work with. PROS: Fast service at a lower cost than other tax offices. CONS: None

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service in Malden, MA


By Dannielle L.

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service is not the best place for your tax service. You are definitely better off going somewhere where they won't try to rip you off. Once you try it you will wish you read this first!

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service in Dallas, TX


By Brandy F.

I have used the same person at Jackson Hewitt to do my taxes for the last 5 years, and he has done a wonderful job! He always gets me the maximum refund, and he is competent enough that I have yet to be audited. PROS: Good reputation and guarantees CONS: Prices can be high depending on what you need.

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service in Las Vegas, NM


By Linda S.

This has got to be the worst place to get your taxes done. You are rushed through the entire process. As if doing your taxes is not confusing enough. I was completely unsatisfied with the services offered. They had a slow turn around, even though they advertised a rapid refund. They are just about the head count. they do not help you, I felt like I had no input or so. I would never entrust my taxes with them again. It is never really crowded, but that shoud tell you something. Taxes are confusing as it is you need someone who will inform you of what is going on. This is the worst place to go.

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service in Whittier, AK


By Elena G.

Doing your taxes here is really easy. They process your taxes and consultation fast. They offer direct deposit if you are getting a refund.

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service in El Cajon, CA


By Jessica D.

I have had my taxes done at Jackson Hewitt for about 7 years. Well last year I decided to take them to H&R Block just to see if I would get a better refund. Instead I had a big huge hassle to deal with. So this year I went back to Jackson Hewitt and i will never again go any where else. I got a huge refund as I always have with them. They do my taxes quickly and efficiently. It is worth the payment to get them done right. I highly recommend this tax service.

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service in Laurel, MD


By Hillary P.

We've always done our own taxes, until two years ago. We decided to have a service do them because of how busy we were. Big mistake. We took our stuff to Jackson Hewitt, paid over $200 with a coupon, and got nothing but poor service, a large bill, and no refund. They didn't help us get deductions we were entitled to and seemed unknowledgeable of the new tax laws. I knew more than the guy helping us. I ended up refiling our taxes for that year and got a huge refund.