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What Insiders are Saying about Merry Maids

Merry Maids in Aurora, CO


By Craig R.

I will just list what went wrong with my experience with Merry Maids. 1. 2 1/2 hours late with no call whatsoever. 2. I should have known since they wanted the full payment upfront before they cleaned. 3. We called to see where they we because they were late and the Office Manager no less had to mention that we were ONLY a onetime cleaning customer. (Which basically meant that we didn't matter because we don't get weekly service) 4. Then they wanted us to leave our door open because we weren't going to be there when they finally decided they could show up 2 and 1/2 hours later. 5. When I called back to talk with the owner, he was conveniently out of town for a week, and had no cell phone to get ahold of him. So he owns a franchise and goes out of town for a week and he doesn't have a cell phone...ya sure. Now why couldn't the receptionist just tell me the truth that she wasn't authorized to give out his number when he is out of town. I would have accepted that. This company lies which I do not accept.

Merry Maids in Las Vegas, NV


By Carl C.

We had to have our home cleaned for our move out. Merry Maids came and got the job done and really did an awesome job!

Merry Maids in Santa Ana, CA


By Laurie M.

I use a bi-monthly service and will continue to use their service - they're professional, prompt, and hard working. The main office calls frequently to make sure I'm happy with my service and they have a very cooperative attitude. All the ladies that have been in my house are efficient and hard working. I highly recommend their service.

Merry Maids in Poway, CA


By Colby O.

I just moved out of my parents house and in with my roomates. It's weird to have to clean everything by myself and clean up after other people. So my friends and I decided it would be best to hire a maid service to come once a week and clean our place (it gets really dirty after parties, which is why they come on Mondays). So we decided to check out Merry Maids because we were all too lazy to search very hard for a maid service. Anyways, they have been coming for 2 months now and I am never disappointed, they always do a great job! I love how they get the tile floor to shine, it looks so pretty. But yeah, they are a great company and I hope other people read this review and use them too!

Merry Maids in Leesburg, VA


By Roz K.

Not good--less than mediocre cleaning--they only do the center, not the edges. Bathroom cleaning is not good nor is the kitchen. Plus my house is not a dirty house! I would hate to see what kind of job they do on a really dirty house~Do not waste your money or time.