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What Insiders are Saying about Motel 6

Motel 6 in Northborough, MA


By Cynthia G.

I had the chance to stay at the Comfort Inn on a short business trip. I was extremely satisfied with my room for such a low rate. Everything was new, it appears they had recently finished complete renovations. They had a great restaurant next door, and the complimentary buffet style breakfast was delicious. With today's economy it seems sometimes you have to go with the cheaper rate,and in turn you miss out on good service---NOT with this hotel, I would definitely stay here again.

Motel 6 in Aurora, CO


By Jan P.

Oh my gosh!!! This is the motel you see in your nightmares. The carpet is so loose you could trip over it. If you need soap or a towel, be prepared to lay down your life. My bedspread had cigarette burns clear thru it.

Motel 6 in Rosenberg, TX


By Jennifer S.

This place has gone downhill very quickly in the years since it first opened. I used to recommend them to people traveling from out of town, but I no longer do. The rooms have not been updated and the grounds have not been taken care of very well.

Motel 6 in Las Vegas, NV


By Steve K.

This is not a bad place if you need a place just to sleep for couple hours , while you're visiting Vegas. The location is great because it's close to the strip. The room is standard and clean. Plus, you can beat the price.

Motel 6 in Brooklyn, AL


By Morgan F.

Had a great time staying here. The rooms were really nice and clean, I would visit here again. The service is also good.