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What Insiders are Saying about Mr Rooter

Mr Rooter in Salem, AL


By Elena P.

Not bad service but they took a long time to show up and they were a little expensive. I would mostly suggest them when you are in a bind and need something fixed immediately.

Mr Rooter in Steger, IL


By Latasha H.

Mr. Rooter is the plumber that saved my familys lives. They are a well-known brand in Chicago so I thought there prices would be high, but the prices were pretty good. I called them and they came within hours and fixed my shower. The only thing I didnt like was that they dont do drywall, so there was a big hole in the wall when he was done. I like the fact that they guarantee their work.

Mr Rooter in Richardson, TX


By Jenn R.

They came out this morning (Saturday) with in 30 minutes of us calling in our problem. They looked at our drain told us what the problem was and gave us a quote. Although it was a little more than what I wanted to pay it was definitly worth it. The man did an excellet job, and gave an warrenty!

Mr Rooter in Katy, TX


By Debbie S.

This company will come out anytime and not charge extra for emergencies. They also call before they arrive. The plumber was very professional and courteous. They wear covers on their shoes so they won't track in dirt from outside. They let you know the price before they do the job and offer several different options. They do different types of service such as hot water heaters.

Mr Rooter in North Las Vegas, NV


By Rebekah W.

I had a leak in my main line, and called them. They came out and the guy wanted to tear out the entire line up to the house. Cost would be about $5,000.00 on up. We then called a friend who works on construction pipes, and he fixed it with a new connection for $7.00. We were shocked! Beware, you might get taken!

Mr Rooter in Sun Valley, AZ


By Maxine b.

I called several plumbing companies. I just wanted an idea of how much it would cost. Nobody would tell me, they insisted on sending someone out before giving me any kind of estimate. I finally talked to Mr Rooter Plumbing. They gave me an idea of how much it would cost and still offered a free estimate. After the work was done, I was surprised that the final bill was 200.00 less than quoted on the phone. I highly recommend these guys.

Mr Rooter in Quakertown, PA


By Ken M.

I had a problem with installing a disposal, and called Mr Rooter for some help. (On a Saturday). The guy came out and admitted that he didn't have much experience with disposals, and we sat down to figure it out. His boss was arrogant on the phone, and didn't know I was within earshot. he threw a huge number at the job and I guess he felt I would say OK. I balked and he told the guy to leave. The guy hung up and sat down with me and figured the whole process out, even coming up with a parts list to take to Lowes. No charge! Bottom line, if you get this guy you'll be good, but I doubt all their guys are like this.

Mr Rooter in Bellevue, WA


By Scott S.

I bought a new house not to long ago and need an inspection of the health of my new homes plumbing system to prevent any future issues. Mr. Rooter came in and found a few minor issues that they were able to fix on the spot. Glad I made the appointment, you never know what you are going to find with an older house.