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What Insiders are Saying about Nordstrom

Nordstrom in Hurst, IL


By Katie R.

Spending more than might otherwise spend.I personally can't stand the hubbub of shopping. Mostly I can't stand shopping. Back in the Personal Shopper dressing rooms, though, it feels more like trying on clothes at a girlfriend's house - or at least how I imagine that would be.You'll especially appreciate the Personal Shopper at Nordy's if your process for clothing shopping looks anything like mine:Look at clothes on the rack, try to guess whether it would look good on & if it's the right size, schlep an armload back to the dressing room, deposit other purchases, purse, etc, so that you can undress, try on clothes, get disappointed at 8 out of 10 potential purchases right away and agonize over the other two that are almost good enough, repeat until sick.The dressing rooms in the Personal Shopper area are larger, usually enough to bring in a trusted friend for a third opinion, and there is pleasant background music, making the time between PS arrivals with new items to try on that much more pleasant. here's no braving the herds of others poring over the racks. There's no wandering from department to department till your eyes glaze over. There's only tell her what you want and see it (and a few other things you hadn't considered but really fit with everything else in some way and usually look great) arrive. This is what going shopping is supposed to be like.

Nordstrom in Houston, TX


By tay r.

hands down, my favorite department store. it has all the great customer service without the snootiness (ahem, neiman marcus)-- the store feels modern and cool instead old fashioned for old ladies. whenever i want something but am not sure what i'm looking for, i always hit up nordstrom's because i'm sure to find something that looks chic. the remodeled purse department is to die for if you're a bag last purchase was a marc jacobs bag that i am in love with. thanks nordy!

Nordstrom in Seattle, WA


By Ray A.

There's nothing like visiting the Nordstrom downtown men's fragrance counter. All of the salespeople are interested and highly knowledgable of their products' peculiarities--ie the notes in each scent and the corresponding skin types. I appreciate the fact that they carry hard to find scents and even carry the Jean Paul Gaultier line of Le Male prducts as well as John Varvatos' skin care line.

Nordstrom in Bethesda, MD


By Robert S.

Please call us as early as possible tomorrow to discuss two - four $400 charges that were approved at Nordtom last night between 8:30 and 9;30 pm on Saturday night 10/11/08. Our home number is 301-564-1510. We hope that these are gift card charges that can be cancelled. Bob Sachs