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What Insiders are Saying about Petco

Petco in Douglasville, GA


By Lisa W.

I've been thinking about finding a place to write a review of the Douglasville, GA Petco for some time now. I not only find what I need for my cats and the store is always clean and well-organized, but what stands out to me most is the friendliness of the staff. There has never been a time I haven't been greeted, asked if I need any help, or served right away when I was ready to check out. If it had been once or twice I may have thought it nice, but it has been every single time I have entered the store! Someone is obviously managing that store well and deserves recognition!

Petco in Woburn, MA


By Lori M.

Plenty of parking and right off the highway for easy on easy off. Plenty of toys and food for all your pets. They offer dog grooming. Not one of the larger stores, but still will probably have what you need. They sell a small amount of little furry friends too.

Petco in Darien, CT


By Joshua C.

I really enjoy going to this Petco, everyone is very helpful and I can always find what I need and they treat my dog great

Petco in Grapevine, AR


By Michaela B.

This store has the cutest pets. Some you can cuddle with, some you can watch, and some you can play with, and everything in between! Some of these animals are the lowest prices anywhere! So if your think about getting a new pet under $110.99 think pet-co!!! Hurry in soon because you never know if there going to stop selling pets you want! And I assure you that the staff there will help you at all times wile your at the store!! So visit pet-co today!

Petco in Aurora, CO


By Mary T.

Found lots of good deals and close out deals down one isle. This store is very clean and bright. staff were okay not overly friendly though. Found the pet food I needed at a good price.

Petco in Sugar Land, TX


By Katie L.

Petco will no longer receive our business because of this store. The customer service is terrible. I have been a Petco shopper for 6 years now and have never been treated so poorly by an assistant manager of a store. I was quoted a price for grooming and when asked if I wanted the extra spa package I said no. Well apparently they selected yes in their system so when the receipt printed out it listed the seasonal spa package. Of course I'm trusting that since I said I didn't want the extra things they took me seriously so I didn't check the receipt as I signed two seconds after I told them "no." Imagine my surprise when my husband comes home with the dog and says "I thought you were quoted $46 for the basic groom- why did this cost $70?" When I called I spoke with their assistant manager who told me several times that I signed te receipt and there was absolutely nothin they could do because it was my fault. He eventually said he would refund me $10 to "meet me halfway" as if he was doing me a favor because I was at fault. Why would I reread the list when just seconds before I told them I did not want the extra package? What happened to the customer is always right? They'll lose a lot of customers if they continue to do business this way. I'll be going into the store when the manager returns to discuss my refund and then we'll be going to Petsmart. Update 6/10/12 A manager from the store called to apologize for the confusion and said they understood and didn't want to lose a long time customer. They offered the refund of the services we did not request. I am impressed with how quickly that was rectified. They might keep my business afterall... But from now on I'll be reading those service tickets before I sign!!

Petco in Henderson, AR


By Jamie C.

I have been taking my dog there for about six months and they are so great with him. They are so kind to me and my dog. They do a great job grooming and it don't cost a fortune.

Petco in Philadelphia, MO


By Kathleen L.

This is the cleanest petco I've been in, for a pet store anyway. The animals seem happy and the groomers are friendly as well. I purchased a parakeet there 2 years ago and she is still very healthy and hasn't had any problems!

Petco in San Diego, CA


By Alexander K.

Petco is a nice store to buy your pet supplies. From dogs, to cats, to birds, to mice, to fish and lizards, Petco has them all. their prices are cheaper than most smaller pet shops but they are a little bit more expensive in my opinion than Petsmart. Also they have a large assortment of pet supplies for all your needs. Some also have a pet adoption station where you can find yourself a new kitty or doggie.

Petco in San Francisco, CA


By Jeremie C.

Their services and their products is the best for me and my pets. One of the best PETS ONLINE SHOP for me is PETCO. To all pet lover if you want a discount from 10-30% go here it will saves your budget

Petco in Renton, WA


By Jay W.

Petco is one of the best places to take your pets to get all of the supplies you need for them. They have every supply you could ever need from food to joint supplements even clothes. I shop at Petco often to buy my dogs food. They carry some of the most quality dog food brands, things that you can not find at regular stores.

Petco in Herndon, KS


By Kimberly W.

I usually shop at the smaller, locally owned shops, but I do like this Petco. They have a big selection on all items, and have especially great displays during the holidays. I like the bulk treat section. PROS: Bulk treats and kitty litter CONS: