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What Insiders are Saying about SavOn Drugs

SavOn Drugs in Denton, GA


By Steve S.

I've used this pharmacy for a lot of years. Super and professional staff, especially the pharmacist themselves. They are not shy about coming around the counter to help you out. They are great. Prices are reasonable. Sometimes they are out of stock of something but they do their best to accommodate you in every way possible. #1 pharmacy and staff in Denton as far as I'm concerned.

SavOn Drugs in Greenwood Vlg, CO


By Lisa H.

looking are a good deli with great lunchmeat and side dishes for lunch. Albertsons has great prices and great location for DTC. You can get lunch at the deli for cheap. This is a clean, helpful grocery store. They are alway updating it too. PROS: new computer system CONS: limited name brands

SavOn Drugs in Henderson, NV


By Bart A.

These stores are scary. They have cut back most of the help to 1 or 2 checkers. You can't find anything you are looking for and the checkers are rude and overworked.

SavOn Drugs in El Cajon, CA


By Vivian V.

I love this grocery store it is soo big! The staff is always friendly! And this location even has a Starbucks and a dry cleaners! Its a one-stop-shop!

SavOn Drugs in Oakley, CA


By Jaz M.

A few times have we gone there and the teller ( specific one) makes mistakes. she's done it so many times and it gets pretty irritating getting that correction by mail when you think you have a certain amount of money in your account but you dont. Thats why i got an account elsewhere or go to Antioch Bank of America instead PROS: not that many CONS: the tellers are bright at all

SavOn Drugs in Silverdale, PA


By tammi b.

Along with the wonderful deals they have a wonderful customer service area. They treat you as if you are family. Every item is fresh and their baked daily breads are to die for.