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What Insiders are Saying about The Medicine Shoppe

The Medicine Shoppe in Ayer, MA


By Jean H.

I needed a prescription transferred from another state for a family member as we just moved to Ayer (AIR). The staff was friendly and the prescription was transferred and filled promptly, keeping my family member from having an adverse reaction from a lapse in medication. I am a "detail oriented" pharmacist myself and this is a pharmacist's pharmacy.

The Medicine Shoppe in Mesquite, TX


By Kay P.

This is a great pharmacy. My prescription is always ready when I go to pick it up and when I take it to get filled the wait time is almost nonexistant. The public needs to know that this is a #1 pharmacy and the pharmacist is great and treats his customers like family. I will always go to this pharmacy as long as it is open.

The Medicine Shoppe in La Porte, TX


By Liz E.

This pharmacy is more small town and homey. The prices are a little higher than what I usually pay. They get the prescription ready for you fairly quickly.

The Medicine Shoppe in Santa Clarita, CA


By Melonie J.

Very good personable service. I visited them recently as they are located very close to me and pleasantly surprised with the attention that I received. The pharmacist personally went over the instructions for my meds with me. They do have somewhat of a limited inventory.

The Medicine Shoppe in Hazlet, NJ


By L L.

This pharmacy is like one of those old-school pharmacies where the pharmacist will take time to talk to you, and knows your name. My sons are sick all the time & he knows us all by name. He's very friendly and always makes sure I understand everything about the medicine. I like that this store pretty much only sells health related items. Unlike when I take my sons to CVS or Walgreens, I don't wind up buying a bunch of extra crap or candy or anything. Once, my son needed a certain type of antibiotic that they didn't have in stock. The pharmacist said that he could order it & have it delivered to my house by 3:30 pm (I dropped it off at around 11am). Well, wouldn't you know at 3:30 pm almost to the minute, they did deliver it. The pharmacist is the nicest, friendliest person & never condescends anyone. I can't say enough nice things about this place, which is why, even though my kids' pediatrician is now in Red Bank, I'll still drive up to Hazlet to get their scripts filled, then drive back home to Keansburg. AWESOME!!!!

The Medicine Shoppe in Lansdale, PA


By Karen M.

This pharmacy is small and they take time to answer your questions. The employees are very polite and friendly. You dont have to walk to the back of a huge store to get your medicine. PROS: service CONS: parking