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What Insiders are Saying about Toys R US

Toys R US in Buford, GA


By Lakessia (2-Sharpless) T.

My daughter was searching high and low for this game boy game. The Toys R Us in my home town did not have it but this particular one did. This store is much bigger than the one in my home town, and much more organized and a lot cleanrer.

Toys R US in Dedham, IA


By Dan R.

Toys R Us is pretty fun for a children's toy store. The store has been redesigned such that nothing can be found without crossing a labarynth of junk. The store is loud, constantly self-promoting, the signs are hard to find and usually way up high, and there's always kids there whining. Trust me, shop online.

Toys R US in Chicago, IL


By melissa p.

I am in love toys r us I can find every thing i need under one roof if i need diapers i can get that and the crib stroller and then by some movies maybe some babyclothes and of course toys and for all the women that have a big kid at home some video games (your husband)

Toys R US in Frisco, CO


By Amber S.

I attended a party with my son last weekend. The hostesses for the party were awesome both of them were very engaging with the kids. Geoffrey made a visit to the party and the kids loved him! I would recommend Toys R Us in Frisco for a birthday party. They were the best!

Toys R US in La Mirada, CA


By Laurie W.

Toys R Us is my favorite toy store! This is a big store that seems to be a secret since it's always dead. I can whip right into a front parking spot. Every time someone tells me they can't find a toy because they are sold out I go hop in my car and this store usually has hard to find items still in stock. They have some nice clearance sales too from time to time. PROS: Has everything CONS: none

Toys R US in Philadelphia, MO


By Christine f.

this store is sooo kool. it has the lowest prices around and there are soooooooo many stores in the United States i love shopping for my nieces and nephews. Brianna

Toys R US in San Diego, CA


By Kraig K.

This store is special. You can find all toys you love. If you are a gamer, there are also games here for sale. You would not get disappointed.

Toys R US in Daly City, CA


By Stacy M.

This is a big huge toy store, but it's also old and not very kept up. Often messy and hard to find what you're looking for. But still a gigantic selection of all kinds of toys... PROS: CONS: Messy and disorganized...

Toys R US in Lynnwood, WA


By Michelle B.

From fantastic sales to coupons and such. A prent couldn't ask for a better place to do shopping for the kids. From clothes to video games and everything in the middle. Great parking always lots of registers open and fantastic customer service. I suggest this for parents who remember being a kid.

Toys R US in Laurel, DE


By Ann R.

Very clean toys r us, everything is in place no mess in isles. never crowded, very huge store. Large selection for games, dvd's & toys. plenty parking as well.