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What Insiders are Saying about Verizon

Verizon in Gainesville, GA


By Mary I.

Updated our phones today. Very quick and easy. In less than 15 minutes we were in and out of the store. The staff was professional and listened to our desires.

Verizon in Braintree, MA


By David W.

....but customer service. The staff is friendly,however, expect to wait since the mall is always busy. It took me over an hour to resolve my phone issues. Overall pleasant experience. PROS: Great Service CONS: busy location

Verizon in New York, NY


By George! !.

The sales staff are pushy and ignorant of not only manners and cultural refinement, but also of the products they sell. If you come here for tech support, you will have to line up in the 1 aisle reserved for helping current customers (while there are 7 others for new customer sign-ups) for at least 20-30Min's before being told that someone with enough experience to fix the problem is either on lunch, break or out sick. I have no clue why anybody living or working or even visiting NYC would come to this Verizon store when there are smaller mom & pop stores around who can actually help.

Verizon in Montgomeryville, PA


By Scott M.

signed up for service with this store back in December of 2009. Since then I have had to make almost weekly trips to the store due to issues with my service as well as my phones. We have 4 phones on our family plan and every single phone has now had to be replaced numerous times. On top of the issues with our phones, the coverage in the Lansdale area has been horrible. I can stand outside my house and be lucky to have one bar of signal. As for the customer service in this store - they leave ALOT to be desired. I have spoken to two managers and numerous customer service reps and out of all those people, only the one manager, Mark, has been helpful. It has gone so far now that I have been asked to leave their store twice - and by the same manager, Tim. The first time we were having issues with our phones have white screens and after spending over an hour in the store we were told by him that it was 5 minutes til 9 and it was closing time so we had to leave. The second time happened only a few days ago. We have now had this problem ongoing for about 2 months now where many of our calls are going straight to voicemail and we were having alot of dropped calls. Long story short, I ended up speaking to the same manager, Tim, who kicked us out he first time. He was nothing but attitude and he obviously didn't care about our problems with the Verizon service. I commented on his lack of professionalism and he took that as a personal insult and told me it was time for me to leave his store. We have now been given every excuse from it being the cell towers that have issues down to it being our phones which we paid hundreds of dollars for. If you're looking to sign up for a new phone service, be sure to skip this store - there are plenty other Verizon stores out there in this area. As for the manager Tim, I have been speaking with the central office of Verizon. The manager there that I spoke to is extremely upset with Tim's actions and said this will be dealt with and he will make sure that it will never happen again to me or any other customer as there have been other complaints filed against Tim.

Verizon in San Diego, CA


By howard c.

I have always wondered why verizon wireless doesnt have a store in pacific beach. its so nice and all young people. this verizon store is private, but they are SMARTER... they will help you with whatever verizon issue it is. if they can't they will call verizon for you. really nice people. thats what I look for in business. Volt has my verizon wireless business every time. howardâ??